Eco-friendly hydration
without the hassle

Stays Fresh
Cleans Easy
Cleans Easy
Lasts Longer
Lasts Longer


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Stay hydrated without the hassle and keep your drinks fresh all day with our easy-clean reusable bottle

Easy clean
Quick dry
Dishwasher safe
Fits ice
Works with hot or cold drinks

Performance meets convenience

Durable, insulating and practical. Breakbottle cleans easily, dries quickly and works with whatever drink you fancy.

Freshness that lasts

Say goodbye to smelly bottles, wishful washing and single-use plastic with our easy-clean reusable bottles.


Introducing Breakbottle

Ease meets efficiency

Cleans easy, dries quickly and works with whatever drink you fancy. Meet your new high performance, low maintenance water bottle.

Drink up and give back

Hydrate with a purpose as each bottle bought funds one week to clean water to 50 people through our partner Pump Aid.

Sustainability made easy

Thoughtfully designed to make it easy for you to drink sustainably on the go. Save waste, stay healthy and make a difference.

Say bye to smelly bottles

Keep your water tasting great all day by keeping the bacteria and bad smells at bay

Made for the everyday

Ergonomic design. Soft sip spout. Easy carry handle. Perfect for all your unplanned misadventures.

Fits ice. Tastes nice.

Sealed and secure – keep your drinks cold and fresh all day long.


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What you've been saying...


 “Quality product, great design and fast delivery. Really easy to clean – especially for those of us that don’t have a dishwasher!”


 “Lovely design, feels great and love that the cap is designed to hang out of the way when you drink! It was packaged really thoughtfully too. Thank you :)”


“Super fast delivery of an excellent quality product.”


 “Arrived super quick. Love the design. The feel, the colour and the concept. Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Cleans easily and it helps the planet. The last bottle I’ll need to buy hopefully!”


 “I love my break bottles. I have one of each colour. At first I thought I might accidentally unscrew the middle when I wanted a drink but that would never happen. The cap never gets in the way either. Just gorgeous drink bottles.”


 “I am amazed by the quality and the design of this bottle. Extremely easy to clean. Very good grip. Nice color. The water is tasteless. I recommend it without hesitation. Excellent product.”


 “This bottle is amazing, so easy to keep clean and keeps my water cool for hours. I have bought quite a few bottles in the past but this is more superior than the others.”