Cleans Easy. Tastes Better. Lasts Longer.

Keep your bottle fresh

Smelly bottles? Bacterial build up? Not around here thanks. Twist open. Clean easy. Dry easy. Dishwasher safe.

Stay healthy

Innovative easy clean design.

Spout sealed safe from the elements.

Safe-to-drink watery goodness to help you feel good on the go.

Improve clean water access worldwide

For each bottle bought you fund the equivalent one week of clean water to 50 people in need through our charity partner. And we think that is something to feel pretty good about.

Twist Open.
Clean Easy.

Breakbottle twists open for a quick easy clean by hand, by dishwasher or any way you fancy.

There are no hard to clean areas, no small cracks to harbour bacteria and the food-grade materials are heat and chemical resistant – helping you stay healthy, save time on washing and keep your bottle fresh for longer.

The bottle with a twist

Easy clean innovative leadkproof

The bottle with a twist

We worked with expert designers to bring something new and exciting whilst not compromising on quality or design.

Giving you a bottle that is 100% leakproof which is cool, clean, practical and supports a great cause, what’s not to love?

Worldwide shipping

We’ve partnered with a great logistics company so you can enjoy a Breakbottle wherever you may be.

Designed to last

The food-grade stainless steel is super hygienic so it won’t get thrown away. It’s also very durable since we all drop things now and then…

No bad smells

Easily fully dry the inside of your bottle between washes and maintain good air flow to avoid condensation and bacterial build up to keep that bottle smelling and tasting fresh.

Innovative easy clean design

Innovative easy clean design

Breakbottle’s innovative easy clean design helps you make sure your bottle stays fresh ready for your next adventure. 

Do good. Feel good.

We are committed to making a positive change. That’s why we will use recycled materials in our products and packaging where possible and only work with a supplier that upholds our high standards for sustainability, worker’s rights and anti-corruption. Plus, each Breakbottle itself has a big impact…

Breakbottle’s easy clean design makes it easier to keep the same bottle for longer- reducing your waste and helping put the usable in reusable.

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