Our Story

Better for you
Better for the planet
Better for you
Better for the planet

Why we do what we do

We want to make it easy for people to drink sustainably on the go.
aking the hassle out of sustainable drinking and helping you
drink better for yourself and for the planet.

So, what’s the problem?

Your average reusable bottle has more bacteria than a dog’s bowl and more than 80% of bottle users think their bottles could be easier to clean and maintain. Does that seem right? We didn’t think so.


Is my reusable even ‘usable’?

We were fed up with crazy clean up routines and chemical cocktails to avoid a smelly bottle and how there was no assurance what our bottle was like inside.

Why your bottle smells

We looked into the science and it turns out it’s pretty simple…


Your bottle ain’t clean

A bottle needs to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no nasties build up between washes.

Your bottle ain’t dry

You need to dry it quickly and store it with good air flow to keep that pesky bacteria away too.

Enter Breakbottle

The bottle with a twist

No more crazy clean up routines, no more smelly bottles and no more single-uselessness. Drink whatever you like knowing you can just twist open, clean easily, dry quickly and allow great air flow during storage to keep your bottle fresh.


Cleans Easy. Stays Fresh.

Breakbottle is a high-performance reusable bottle that cleans easy and stays fresh so you can drink what you want, where you want. Taking the hassle out of drinking sustainably on the go.

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Made for the everyday

Soft touch bottom, easy grip design and fits in all standard drinks holders. We made Breakbottle to be durable, insulating and easy to clean on the go. Perfect for all your unplanned misadventures.

Clean water for all

We have partnered with Pump Aid to help make it easy for water-scarce communities to drink better for themselves too. Ending their aid dependency and promoting their own sustainable water economy. Read more about Pump Aid at our impact page.