Introducing Breakbottle

Designed by experts. Made by specialists. Brought to you by Breakbottle. (Hey! 👋)

Easy clean design
Quickly wash by hand, by dishwasher or any way you fancy. Plus it actually fits in the top-rack when you close it...
High performance
With a soft-sip mouthpiece and soft touch base, Breakbottle keeps drinks cold for 18 hours, easily fits ice cubes and fits in all standard drinks holders.
Designed by experts
Designed to make your life cleaner, easier and healthier.

High performance.
Low maintenance.

Made from high performance materials and designed with you in mind to bring you loads of great features whilst keeping cleaning and maintaining stress-free.

Bottle stays fresh longer
Stop bacteria building up by easily cleaning and quickly drying so your drinks taste nicer and your bottle smells fresh.
Stay healthy
Your average reusable has more bacteria than a dog's bowl so how about we keep that bacteria at bay, hey?
Drink what you like
No more leftover tastes and no more avoiding flavoured drinks. Drink what you like from inside and wash away the leftovers, easy as pie.

Packed full of features

  • Clean: Easy clean and dry to avoid bacteria and bad smells
  • Does good: Funds one week of clean water to 50 people
  • Convenient: Dishwasher safe and fits in top rack
  • Nice to use: Soft-sip spout and antimicrobial coating
  • Eco-friendly: 100% reusable & certified BPA free
  • Protective: Double wall insulated stainless steel body keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold
  • Ice cold: Easily fit your ice inside to keep things cool
  • Capacity: Holds 550ml (19oz) of liquid
Good for the planet
Save yourself 175 single use water bottles each year with a bottle that cleans easy and lasts longer. Plus you'll have less waste from smelly bottles, old bottle brushes and flavoured drinks too.
Good for humanity
Each bottle funds one week of clean water for 50 people. Check out our impact page for more info.
Our impact

Section explaining some additional features – image o bottle with arrows coming off it

Our designers

Our London-based design team applied their experience from the aerospace and consumer product industries to redesign the reusable bottle from the bottom up to make your life easier, cleaner and healthier. Dean, Ben and the whole team have been like partners throughout and are with us through every step of the Breakbottle journey.

Our suppliers

Our sourcing agent, Katy, connected us with the best manufacturers in the industry. After months of samples, questions and interviewing each of them on everything from their thirst for innovation to their environmental commitments, we found our manufacturer and haven’t looked back since. Here they all are at Christmas last year.

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