How to look after your Breakbottle

You might be thinking: “But it’s just a bottle, do I really need instructions?”

Well maybe not… but we just want to help you to get the best out of your Breakbottle and make sure you know the science behind keeping your bottle as fresh as can be.

We’ve made it super easy to clean, dry and store your Breakbottle so it stays fresh, lasts longer and tastes better. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Keep it clean

Clean it each day! Yes, we should probably tell you to clean it after each use but, hey, we’re realists, so at least once a day will do.

  • Just twist it open in the middle.
  • Clean it with your favourite sponge/ cloth & soap
  • Or just throw it in the dishwasher on an eco-setting (plus it fits easily in the top rack!)

2. Keep it dry

Dry it thoroughly after each use and each clean! This is a very important step to stop bacteria and bad smells building up whilst you’re not watching.

  • Keep it twisted open in the middle
  • Dry it with your favourite cloth
  • Or just leave twisted open with lid off to air dry

3. Store

We recommend you store your Breakbottle twisted open with the lid resting off to allow for the best flow of air inside. If you don’t ensure good air flow, there might be trace levels of moisture inside that start to make smells whilst you’re not watching.

  • Good air flow
  • Means no bacterial build up
  • Means bottle stays fresh – no bad smells and no funny tastes

So simple, but so effective, we promise.


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