Cleans Easy. Stays Fresh. Lasts Longer.

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Introducing Breakbottle

We were fed up of how current reusable bottles were so hard to clean and maintain. So we made a new one.

Breakbottle, the high performance insulated water bottle that opens with a twist.

Our story
From saving waste to staying healthy and streamlining life to making a difference. Click to learn more about what we're about.
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The bottle
Cleans easy, dries quickly and works with whatever drink you fancy. Click to learn more about your new favourite bottle.
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Our impact
For each bottle bought, you are funding one week to clean water to 50 people. Click to learn more about our impact and our mission.
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Twist Open. Clean Easy.
Dry Quickly.

Breakbottle twists open for a quick easy clean to keep away the bacteria, bad smells and old tastes – helping you stay healthy, save time on washing and use it with whatever drink you fancy.

The bottle with a twist

Easy clean innovative leadkproof

The bottle with a twist

We smashed our Kickstarter goal in 2021 and can’t wait to get the thousands of bottles pre-ordered into customer hands in summer ’22.

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