How Breakbottle is better for your holidays

So it turns out Breakbottles are a fine companion for all things a holiday can throw at you. To keep it easy for you, we have listed below the 5 key benefits unique to Breakbottle that we hear from people on their travels.

1. Ice, ice and more ice

Life gets hot. It can get very hot when you’re out hiking in the heat and that’s when we rely on our trusty rocks of frozen water to keep our drinks cool. Whilst many bottles are insulating, most normal bottles have too small a hole to fit ice into the inside which means you just have to hope for cold water on tap which often isn’t the case. But with Breakbottle you can just stuff it full of ice and it’ll be super cold at every sip. Perfect for the sunny days at home too. Easy.

2. Drink what you like

Orange juice, flavoured water, beers down by the beach and even a cocktail. It was nice to use the bottle to drink a whole host of different drinks and not worry about any lingering after tastes that you can’t clean away. It’s great to have a little more freedom with the bottle although we do recommend cleaning/rinsing before leaving it overnight as this will likely make it harder to wash away any other flavours in the end.

3. Soft sip spout

The metal around the rim of the spout is much wider than other leading brands and there is also a slight indent part way up the spout which is designed to rest on your lower lip whilst you drink. All in all giving you a smoother sipping experience which is very handy when on a shaky bus, swerving train or bumpy trail.

4. Easy to carry

The tether doubles as a carry handle so you can carry it easily on the go or it can also be used to clip the bottle to a bag/strap using a carabiner. The easy-grip collar around the middle of the bottle and the ergonomic shape makes it much easier to hold whilst walking on the go too. Breakbottle also fits easily in your bag pocket and all standard drinks holders which can come handy whilst out on road.

5. Oh, and it’s easy to clean

Yep, I suppose a pretty obvious one. But it’s a real source of frustration if you come back to a bottle that you used the day before and it now smells musty, tastes weird and just isn’t easy to clean- especially if you’ve not got all your usual cleaning utensils. So, being able to clean your bottle easily and dry it quickly will be really handy and will keep them fresh tasting for the whole hol.

There you have it. Breakbottle is a fine little companion for everyday life, including those better times when you’re off on your jollies.

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